Road trip: Mt Lofty Ranges

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I have been going through my 35mm archives  looking through  images from the 1980s  to include in  a possible  artist book  for the Mallee Routes project. This would be a book that is associated with the initial Mallee Routes exhibition at the Atkins Photo Lab in   2017.

At the exhibition I  left a pile of small prints on a table for people to look at. It wasn’t a very successful mode of presentation. A book would be much better, if I have enough images.

I came across this image of an agricultural landscape in the eastern Mt Lofty Ranges amongst a number of other images of the Murray  Mallee and the Riverland.

Mt Lofty Ranges

From memory, this picture  would have been made with a Leicaflex SLR whilst I was on the road. It would have been a day trip around the eastern Mt Lofty Ranges in the VW Kombi. It is  a sparse landscape with only remnant native vegetation.  Land in the region is used predominantly for dryland cropping and grazing. There are  two rivers—the Marne and Saunders—that flow from the central Mount Lofty Ranges to the River Murray. There is a history of  over-extraction of water from the regions rivers.

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