The River Torrens (Karrawirra Parri) near Bowden

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When going through my large format archives the other day I came across some images I’d made of the River Torrens (Karrawirra Parri) as it flowed through the Adelaide Parklands near Coopers Brewery on the corner of Port Rd and Park Terrace.

I often wandered around this section of the parklands when I was living in Bowden, as it was just a few minutes walk from the studio in Gibson St, and so much quicker to access than the seaside beaches or Port Adelaide.

River Torrens (Karrawirra Parri) at West End.

I would often walk Fiche, my standard poodle, there in the morning or in the afternoon. We would usually walk through Park 27A (now known as the John E. Brown Park) across the Railway Bridge, to the weir at the base of Torrens Lake. Sometimes we would skirt around the Adelaide Gaol on our way to the Morphett St Bridge, Elder Park and the Festival Centre.

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    Amazing. Born in the early 80s, I’d never seen the river in that state. I do remember it from my childhood. I regularly walk the very ground upon which your photographs were taken, and I think that the work done on the Torrens is one of Adelaide’s finest achievements in my lifetime.

    It’s not *all* late stage capitalist decline out there!

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