Roadtrip: Kapunda

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I recently come across more road trip photos in the archives, after I remembered going to Kapunda when I was at the Lavender Trail camp at Kapunda in 2020. I started to remember this road trip to the mid-north of South Australia around Kapunda and Eudunda when I stayed at Kapunda in 2020. I realised that the town was familiar–especially the Map the Miner statue commemorating the Cornish mining history of the town and the churches.

I had been here before but I’d completely forgotten about it. This is an archival photo of the Kaunda copper mine from around the 1990s:

Kapunda copper mine

As I walked around the mine in 2020 I recognised the layout and the ruined mine buildings, especially the chimney. I realised that I’d visited the copper mine before. So I revisited the archives looking for any photos that I would have made on this roadtrip. I remembered that I had been to Burra, briefly explored the Burra copper mine and the miner’s cottages and taken photos of the open cut mine. But I cannot find any of these Burra photos in the archives. They’ve been lost.

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    Memory is proving to me to be an more slippery construct than I had previously imagined. Several times over the last few years, my memories of an event were proved wrong or out of calibration by my actual photographs or notes of the events remembered.

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