Returning to Bowden

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I have been going through the remnants of the archive on an old Windows based PC that I had used in the 1990s. Its hard disc had collapsed — the blue screen of death — and then the back up disc died a few years latter. We were able to extract some of the files from the backup disc. It is a looking back on what has been.

The recovered files included a few scans of some old negatives that have since been lost. One of these files was an industrial image of Conroys Smallgoods in Bowden:

Conroys Smallgoods, Bowden

Whilst I was living in Bowden I worked part time at Conroys. I was studying for a BA (then the MA) at Flinders University at the time, and the money that I earned there helped to finance my photography. I recall that I was in the process of shifting to large format photography from 35mm and medium format, with the Cambo S 5×7 monorail being the first one that I acquired. I purchased it from a local camera shop in Adelaide and used it on the Bowden Archives project.

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