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I recently scanned some more of the archival Bowden negatives. These scans are supplementary in the sense that the negatives were rejected on my initial selection for various reasons. An example is this image of sawtooth roof of a factory in Bowden. I thought that it was a boring, empty image on the initial selection and so it was passed over.

Leica M4
foundry architecture

The blankface of industry. It is the minimalism of the image that appealed to me now — minimalism in the sense of less elements, and simplistic shape — and its denial of the subjective expression of modernism.

It is not the geometric shapes of the minimalism of the modernist American sculpture of the 1960s (eg., Carl Andre, Donald Judd, Tony Smith, Robert Morris ,Dan Flavin etc) whose manufactured geometric shapes with common industrial and commercial materials represented the  brute fact of the object as far removed from metaphor and figuration as possible. The words re-appeared in the titles of the sculptures.

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