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When my 2009 Mac Pro (cheesegrater) computer died In 2021 I discovered that I lost some of my archives, especially those of the Bowden-Brompton project. For some reason they had not been backed up, or if they had, I have been unable to find them.

So I’ve gone back to have another look through the negatives, and I subsequently scanned some of the ones that had either been lost, or that I’d initially overlooked. This particular picture of the gas holder at the Brompton gasworks is one that I’d overlooked:

Linhof Technika 70
Gasworks, Brompton

I recall that I had asked friends to edit the images for me from the initial scans. I now realise that it was the bleak, industrial photos had been largely overlooked. And yet what was notable about Bowden-Brompton in the 1980s was that it was so industrial. It is this character that has been lost with the urban renewal now known as the Bowden development.

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