towards the photo-book

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I have started to think in terms of on this website to the next stage of the project, which is to make a photo-book. This will take place over the next year and, at this stage, it will involve an exhibition and book launch around the time of either the SALA Festival or the History Festival in 2024. I have given myself a year to rejig the material on this website into a photo-book and to save the money to pay for editors and printing.

As a result of his transition I have recently started editing the texts yet again and going through the Bowden archives looking for some negatives and files that I have misplaced. Whilst searching amongst the rescued files from a collapsed external hard disc that backed up for my old PC I came across this study of an concrete and glass office/warehouse in Brompton:

Leica M4
concrete office

The building looks like a concrete bunker. Some builder or owner must have been a fan of both concrete and military style architecture. I saw it like a fortress rather than as industrial chic.  Concrete’s famed qualities – its strength, endurance, and its hardness – has jackboot appeal. Concrete shows nature who’s boss.