towards the photo-book

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I also found a photo of signage in the rescued files that I had overlooked. Jansen was the successor to a M. Geisler who had established the tanner/furrier/dyer business in Fifth and Drayton Street in 1890. I do not know when Jansen took the business over from Geisler or even when the business was closed permanently.

I had always planned for this project to take the form of a photo-book. The website was an intermediate step that was designed to help me sort through, rework, and shape the archival material into a photographic project. The initial draft was done in 2017 and it has taken me several years to work up the various texts from the fragments of the uncompleted MA at Flinders University into a reasonable shape.

Getting the Bowden Archives project to this stage has been quite some journey. Though it has taken me much longer than I’d anticipated, or even expected, I reckon I am now approaching, if not, on the final leg.

It was the 3 texts that held me up. I found them difficult to write.

But looking back I can see the texts, and the relevant photos, are the ground of my subesequent photography. Thus On the Street and Snapshots are the precursor to both the Reconnections: Walking Wellington and the Walking Adelaide projects.