Hallett Cove, Adelaide

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This picture from the 1980s archives represents a change in the way that I had been  photographing. It signifies a shift from the street photography and landscapes I had been doing  previously to a more  topographics style of photography:

Hallett Cove, Adelaide

It was a slow shift, as I was pretty much working blind. At this stage I  was more or less  trying to find suitable subject matter to photograph  with   the  5×7 Cambo view camera.  I was slowly finding my feet photographing Adelaide as a place, and   I didn’t really know what I was doing in terms of a topographic photography of altered landscapes  in Adelaide.

The initial steps to topographics  came to a halt as I gave up  photography to concentrate on my academic studies.   My understanding about a topographic photography of altered landscapes   came latter, after I had  returned to photography from a long break from photography whilst I was  doing a PhD at Flinders University of South Australia and working full time in Canberra.

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