Tothill Range roadtrip

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There are some images in the film archives relating to a road trip to the Tothill Range in the Mid-North of South Australia in the 1990s. This mid-north range is part of the Northern Mount Lofty Ranges. I still struggle to remember the details of this particular road trip amongst agricultural landscapes near the eastern border of the Mt Lofty Ranges.

This trip would have had to have been longer than my usual day trip, as I would have needed to have the time to explore /drive round/and map this region of the Mid-North. I vaguely remembering sleeping in the Kombi overnight, the lack of trees and the water pipeline. I recall that at the time I was reading essays and books on how the autonomous spaces of cultural representation—spaces of subversion, resistance, critique, utopian aspiration—are gradually eroded, assimilated, or simply annihilated in the modernity of industrial capitalism.

Morgan-Whyalla pipeline, Tothill Range

A few photos are centred around, or feature, the Morgan-Whyalla pipeline. I would have interpreted the Morgan-Whyalla pipeline as a sign of industrialisation in South Australia. By assuring an adequate water supply for the industrial city of Whyalla in the 1940s, the pipeline enabled the Whyalla steelworks to be viable. The pipeline, which extended to the Eyre Peninsula and beyond, stood out in the bare/stripped agricultural landscape of the Tothill Range.

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    I own 75 acres of that land adjacent to niblets gap. If you ever want access phone me on 0418842539. Chris Hollywood

  2. […] The location of the image below is the Koonoona Rd on the plains just south of the Tothill Range. It is close to Huppatz Hut on the Heysen Trail, where the trail turns east to cross the Ranges and winds via World’s End to Burra. The picture was made whilst on this roadtrip. […]

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