Mt Lofty Ranges: Tableland Rd

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When going through my black and white archives from the 1980s I had come across some images of ruins in the eastern Mt Lofty Ranges. I just didn’t know where their location was. It wasn’t until I was on an recent exploratory roadtrip in, and around, the Mt Lofty Ranges that I managed to identify their location.

Whilst I was driving along Tableland Rd to Eudunda from Dutton I suddenly recognized the ruins in the archival images that had so puzzled me:

ruins, Tableland Rd,Mt Lofty Ranges

I really don’t remember being on Tableland Road — all I had was a vague memory of driving along an unsealed road through barren, grazing land at the top of the Mt Lofty Ranges in the VW Kombi. I also have a vague memory of making some 8×10 b+w photos of these ruins using the old Cambo monorail .

But I cannot find them. Maybe they were never developed as I’d given up my darkroom when I left Bowden to live in the Kate Court cottage in the south east corner of Adelaide, whilst I was doing the PhD at Flinders University of South Australia?

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